Adel Vardell: Blog en-us (C) Adel Vardell (Adel Vardell) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Adel Vardell: Blog 80 120 EK New Baby Session - San Francisco Bay Area It's been awhile since I've posted session previews. I've had more work than I could keep up with for awhile and then took some time off. I'm happy to be back and sharing previews here... Loved shooting this beautiful family recently. 

I hope I get to see this gorgeous family again soon! 

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MC Family -San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer I'm hoping to be doing more sessions out in the East Bay due to a move our family has made. This sweet family was my first session in my new 'hood. I couldn't have hoped for a better session than this to kick off our east bay living. With as many smiles and giggles I got from this little one, I was completely spoiled by the end of our session. I mean, this is just how all my sessions are going to go from now on right? ;)

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MH Family Session - San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer Check out this awesome family I got to hang out with recently. I love sessions with grandparents in them too! They were a blast to shoot. And their furry family member was just the BEST! He was was obviously a well-trained babysitter to their youngest! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - TV Family, San Francisco, CA Over the past year or so, I've had the pleasure of photographing this family several times. It's been such fun to watch them grow and change in the short time I've known them. I love that they picked the beautiful City Hall in San Francisco for their latest session... <3

Can't wait to see you guys for your holiday photos this fall!! :)

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San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Lifestyle Photographer - D Family, San Francisco, California It's such a treat for me whenever I get asked to do a maternity session for a family's very first child. My first love about the sessions I take on is always about the ton of fun I have with the kids in the families who book me. But I have to say, I'm loving these maternity sessions where it's just mom and dad (to-be) and me. Capturing this fleeting moment during the last few weeks before their little one arrives and their lives change forever, is pretty special indeed. My session with this gorgeous couple is no exception. I loved that we ended up with a warm evening after the blustery day we had. Sometimes the San Francisco weather just works out perfectly for everyone... :)
Congratulations on your upcoming miracle... Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments before you become a family of 3! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - K Twins, Pleasanton, California I don't get to hang out with families with twins too often, so when I do it is SUCH a special treat! This session in particular was extra special because of this family's story and how early these sweet babies arrived into their parent's world. I loved hanging out with mom and dad as they shared with me how much their world had changed since finding out they were expecting these gorgeous little girls. And even though they arrived even earlier than expected for twins, they are healthy, thriving and home with their mom and dad... <3

Congratulations guys! These little ladies are beyond beautiful and are clearly growing up healthy and strong at incredible speed now... <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - LM Family in Oakland, California Toward the end of our last heat wave here in the Bay Area, I squeezed in a fun couple of hours with this gorgeous family in the East Bay sunshine. Mom and I had been communicating for awhile trying to figure out the best time for this session given the age of her sweet baby girl. We finally decided to wait until the little miss was old enough to sit on her own. I'm so glad we did. I love so many of these shots of her sitting up and smiling at her family! Oh and she's got the cutest big brother too! <3

I had the most fun evening with you guys! Especially our little "feed the mouse" game at the end! ;) I was still giggling on the drive home!! :D I hope I see you all sooner than later. xo

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - HJ Family, Los Angeles. Not too long ago I got the chance to fly down to Los Angeles to photograph this cool, chic family at the gorgeous Getty Museum! I have always wanted to shoot at the Getty so I was beyond psyched for this session. And it was everything I hoped it would be and more! Their little one was in the best of moods the entire session, mom and dad were about as laid back and easy-going as it gets, and the warm Southern California weather made the fun few hours I spent with them even more magical! 
This was one of my most fun sessions ever! Thank you for the chance to do this with you guys. What a blast it was!! Hope to see you guys up in San Francisco for the next one! ;)


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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - CK Family I spent a lovely sunny evening with this awesome family recently. Even though it was one of the windiest day in the city, this threesome braved the strong gusts of wind and chilly temps to frolic around picturesque Crissy Field with me! And the darling of the session was of course this precocious little lady... Gosh she was so cute I wanted to just eat her up!! :P

Thanks for being such great sports about the chilly wind! You guys were such troopers!! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - PC Family There's something special about sessions with first time parents. I met up with this cute couple just a few weeks before their firstborn arrived for a maternity session and we had a great time exploring a pretty park near their home. It was such a treat for me to get to come back and meet this adorable little guy after he arrived into the world! 

Congratulations guys. He is beyond precious! They change your world completely these little ones... <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - O Family As a family photographer, I'm really starting to enjoy these special stories of my clients' lives that I get to be a part of. Not too long ago I got to hang out and capture these beautiful folks in their last few weeks of a family of just 3. I'm always honored when I get invited back to meet their newest addition. This handsome little guy was as captivating as his older sister even in his first few days of his young life. I had a blast meeting him and catching up with his older sister in their home recently.

Congratulations guys! I'm already looking forward to the next time we hang out. I'm sure I'll barely recognize the little guy then!! 
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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | EM Family I was under the weather and had to postpone hanging out with this sweetest of families recently. Thank goodness I only had to wait just a few days longer to meet them. Their oldest and I sang many "Frozen" movie songs that morning. I think she was impressed I knew the words to all the songs... ;) Little did she know I had my own 3yo keeping me hip when it comes to the under-5 set... ;)
I was there to document her baby sister's first photos. The love they all had for their newest family member just warmed my heart...

Congratulations guys on your beautiful family! And thank you for my super fun few hours hanging out in your home! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer | RK Family Recently I got to spend a wonderful few hours with these two good looking young men. They shared with me stories of their wedding, life here in the bay area and plans for the future... I just adore sessions like these when it feels like I'm hanging out with old friends than just working. <3

I wish you both the very best with the amazing plans you have for your future! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Lifestyle Photographer | PC Family The sweet anticipation of your very first child is one to be cherished indeed. I got the chance to hang out with these two cool soon-to-be parents in their final weeks as a family of 2 recently. Mom was glowing, dad loving and protective. I can't wait to see them again soon when their little one arrives... <3

See you guys real soon!! 

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LA Newborn Session - Berkeley, California Wanna see how I put sunshine into a wet and dreary day? Check out this new family of 3 I got to hang out with one rainy morning. It was the perfect way to spend the day indoors. Capturing all the magical moments of those first few days as new parents... <3

Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. Even the 3am ones... ;)

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DD Family Session - South San Francisco, California Don't be surprised if you do a double take on these adorable twins I'm about to show you. Yes they are that cute. But they've also graced my blog not too long ago. They captured my heart with their incredibly precocious personalities back in December and I'm even more smitten after hanging out with them recently! Get ready for some cuteness overload here... :)

I had such a fun morning with this beautiful family! I hope they grace my blog even more in the coming year! <3

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O Family Session - Danville, California Ok I'm getting bad about blogging my sessions... Being pressed for time makes delivery of the images to clients more important than getting them on my website sometimes! :P But this time I did find some time to blog about this lovely little family's session I did recently. As you can see they are almost a family of 4! We had a fun couple of hours in warm east bay sunshine recently. I am psyched I will get to meet their littlest when he arrives next month!! Yay for me! :)

Congratulations O Family! I'm excited to meet the little one soon!! <3

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N Family Session - San Francisco, California I've been so lucky to have had mostly warm sunshine during all my sessions this fall/winter. If you live in San Francisco, then you know we've been going through quite the drought this year. Well our usual damp, foggy winter made its appearance recently. I love golden sunshine as much as any other photographer... But I have a secret fondness for the mystery fog brings into images. This session was during some pretty dense fog and I loved every misty moment. As did the family I photographed! We had such a fun time revisiting the place they got engaged as they told me the beautiful story of his romantic proposal written in the sand... I loved that they chose to come back here to for their session as a family of three! <3

I wish you all the best as N Family, as you move on to the next chapter of your lives. Please keep in touch!! <3

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SP Family Session - San Francisco, California Well I've had a nice little break the past couple of weeks. I feel rested (mostly!) and re-energized to take on 2014 with gusto! I kicked off my sessions this year with this beautiful family recently. I had a blast running around The Concourse at Golden Gate Park with them. They even introduced me to the backyard of the DeYoung that I NEVER KNEW existed. Yes I should be embarrassed I didn't know about it given the many times I've been there! :P Well I'm happy to know about it now! ;) It was such a fun, warm winter afternoon. I was sorry when we had to part ways as the sun set on our session... <3

I couldn't have hoped for a more fun family on a more gorgeous day to start my year than this one! 

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Baby A Turns 1! My amazingly, wonderfully, crazy year began with this little guy. One year ago (give or take) I got to capture his very first pictures a few days after he made his appearance into this world. What a difference a year has made. I count my blessings every day for all that 2013 has brought me. And so much of the success of my business in the past year was by the hand of this adorable little guy's mama. Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough. But I'll start there.

P, thank you for everything. From the bottom my heart.

Now check out this cutie. And he's got 2 equally adorable older siblings too!

I wrapped up my 2013 sessions with these cuties. And it was the absolute best way to end my year! <3 Happy New Year everyone!!

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DD Family Session - San Francisco, California Check out this beautiful family I got to hang out with recently! Yep the 2 little cuties you see are identical twins! How adorable are they right?? These super-quick toddlers kept mom, dad and I on our toes the entire shoot. We covered a lot of ground in the brief time we spent together. From playing near the waterfalls to macaron treats to checking out the twinkling holiday lights, we had quite a bit of fun together!

I had a blast chasing these cuties and their parents around downtown San Francisco that day! <3

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AT Family Session - San Francisco, California We're coming into the time of year when the weather in the San Francisco drops that 15-20 degrees below what we're used to. Yes we're spoiled living in this mild weathered city of ours :) This session took place on one of our coldest days of the season so far, but you wouldn't be able to tell in these images given the happy and carefree attitude this beautiful family had about the low temps. We did scurry inside for a bit to warm ourselves up mid-session, but for the most part, this cute kid and his parents jumped right into the fall leaves and pockets of sunshine we managed to find that evening. <3

I had a fabulous time keeping up with them that day! Happy Holidays guys. Thanks for being such great sports about the cool weather! 

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SL Family - San Francisco, California San Francisco's City Hall. One of the prettiest indoor spaces in this city. I got the chance to go back there for a session with this beautiful family recently. It was one of SF's chilliest days of the year so we picked a good spot for our session. We ran around inside toasty warm City Hall for a bit and then decided to brave the cold towards the end of our time together that day. It worked out beautifully!

Thanks for a such a fun evening. I think we battled the coldest weekend in the city and came out on top! Yay! :)
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AR Family Session - San Bruno, California Every once in awhile I get the chance to photograph a family of 3 generations. This was one such evening. It's a truly heart-warming feeling to watch the sweet interactions between grandparents and grandchildren. I walked away from this session feeling incredibly lucky to have been able to capture moments like these for this family... <3

Thanks guys for allowing me to be a part of your lives for a brief couple of hours. And for introducing me to one of the prettiest views of San Francisco! Happy Holidays!

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SH Newborn Session - Alameda, California My latest session involves some serious newborn cuteness! This kiddo arrived into the world during the Thanksgiving holidays. I felt extra thankful last week to have had the opportunity to capture some of his very first photos for his beautiful family. It warmed my heart to watch mom, dad and his big brother dote on him the entire time I was there... <3

Congratulations guys on your newest addition. He is just beautiful!

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Cyber Monday Super Special on 2014 Family Sessions!! It is officially December 2013. I am sitting here on the 1st day of the last month of my ridiculously busy year. Yes, 2 young children make any mom's life fly by in the blink of an eye. But the unexpected rapid growth of my photography business has been the one thing that I never saw coming.


This evening, I looked back through my archives of all my favorite images I've captured of my clients throughout the year and realized I had gone through hundreds and had not even gotten past June yet. Wow. I am humbled beyond words that so many of you chose me to be a part of so many special days and milestones in your lives.


I began this site a couple of years ago just to have somewhere to direct inquiries when someone asked me if I would be willing to photograph their family after having seen my images on my personal family blog. And now here I am, offering a "Cyber Monday Deal". If you know me, then you'll know I was at a complete loss as to how to even begin to offer a "deal"! I love photography with a passion. And I love capturing all those genuine moments that exist in every family. The business side? Not so much :P


But I have so much to be grateful for this year. My healthy family, my life as a full-time mom, and especially you, my clients and friends. Thank you. All of you. For the referrals, the kind words to your sisters, cousins and even your own clients. For sharing your pictures on your Facebook pages, at your Mothers Clubs and other private groups. I feel truly lucky and blessed. 


So here's my attempt at giving back to you. A huge deal on my family sessions. As you know, I've been able to offer my sessions at low pricing the last 2 years. But as my children grow, their needs do too. In order to accommodate their schedules and mine, my session pricing will increase in 2014. However, before the year ends, I want to give you all one last shot for some sessions at an even lower price than what I offered this year. Soooo... TA-DAAAA!!! (haha!) Here is my very first attempt at a Cyber Deal! I hope you will be able to use it!

This Special will last till Friday December 6th, 2013 or until they are sold out. 

Thank you again for an amazing year!! 

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JN Family Session - San Francisco, California I know I must sound like a broken record with all my gushing and raving about the adorable families I get to hang out with lately. But can you blame me? Check out the cuteness overload here. This kid is not yet 1 year and has been walking since he was 10 months! No wonder he's a pro at taking his twice-his-size-furry-best-friend for walks ;) This little guy waited till the end of our session to give me his best smiles and laughs! Talk about making me work for my money... But he sure was worth it! I hope you enjoy this snippet of our session as much as I did! <3

I had such a great time with you guys! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season celebrating your special Christmas gift from a year ago! <3

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JB Family Session - San Francisco, California The weather lately has been just gorgeous. It has allowed me to capture some happy, beautiful families by the city waters. If you live in San Francisco, then you understand how rare pretty, fog-free evenings are this time of year. I had a ton of fun with this young family recently on such an evening. We took advantage of a sunny late November evening in the city by playing along our picturesque bridge... <3
I had such a fun evening with this gorgeous family! <3

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SS Family Session - Oakland, California I'm loving the variety of locations I've gotten to shoot at lately. There is always so much to explore and love about each one. Hanging out with this super cute and happy family is a side benefit I was more than happy to enjoy! ;)

This adorable little guy turns one very soon! Look at those curls and cheeks. Aren't they just to die for?? <3

I sure miss this having a child this age toddling around! 

It was such a treat to capture these images for them that day. And just a short few weeks before this little guy turns 1 too! 
Happy happy birthday sweet boy! 
Congratulations mom and dad for surviving that milestone 1st year as parents! 

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AL Family Session - San Francisco, California These three good looking kids you are about to meet are old friends of mine. I've known mom since before she was well... mom! ;) I was beyond psyched when she asked me to capture some photos of her and her gorgeous boys recently! Umm, yeah... who wouldn't be?? I mean, look at them!

Her boys kept me on my toes the whole time for sure. Their energy was infectious to say the least. I wanted to get a race in and dig some big holes with them along the waters too!

They were such a pleasure to photograph with their high spirits, undeniable good looks and charismatic yet cheeky personalities. <3
It was as pretty and warm an evening as you'll ever get at the San Francisco beaches. Especially during this time of year!

Thanks for the fun few hours guys! Don't wait too long for our next playdate! ;)

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CY Family Session - San Francisco, California Some days I get to frolic at the beach with my clients. Other days I get invited into their home to capture their baby's first pictures... <3

I just adore the that special quiet you get when it is your first child...
And what a cutie this one is!
Congratulations guys! He is adorable!!

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KM Family Session - San Rafael, California I got to hang out with some old friends recently. It's been awhile since I'd seen them so it was such a treat for me to meet the newest member of their family!
It was the sweetest thing to watch the boys love on their baby sister! <3

They introduced me to a cool spot in San Rafael - China Camp! We did tons of exploring along the shore. I have to say, it was the perfect setting for active young boys! ;)

We stayed till way past the sun had set behind the hills. 
It was such a fun couple of hours catching up and running around. I'm hoping I won't have to wait too long to hang out with these cuties again! 

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PK Family Session - Burlingame, California Remember how much I adore photographing repeat families? Well this one is extra special to me...

I photographed them last year when their youngest was just days old. And now this future heartbreaker is almost 1 and already toddling around!

The year since I first photographed them has flown by for us all. Her kids have all grown up even more adorable than I remember them.

And mom? Well she looked flawless when she was 5 days post-partum last time we did this, so no surprises that she is even more effortlessly gorgeous this time around!
(there's always one that escapes when you're trying to get a group shot.. hehe)

Thanks guys for a fun evening. I can't wait to see you guys real soon for another milestone shoot! ;)

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B Family Newborn Session - San Rafael, California A couple of really good friends of ours just had their first baby recently. I pretty much begged them to let me photograph their new family of 3! They were kind enough to oblige. Or they were just tired of me constantly dropping hints about it. Hehe... 

So I got to meet this gorgeous young lady one morning... Just days after she made her appearance into the world <3
I have never met a newborn that smiled as much as she did. Wow. Beautiful AND happy! Talk about making my work easy!

We have been friends with these two love birds since before they were married. It made this session so relaxed and fun given our comfort level with each other. I kinda wanna go back and take like their baby's pictures every month or something, haha. :)

Baby I. was one of the the sweetest and easiest baby I've met. Of course I'd want to go back to photograph her more! Plus, mom and dad were such laid back first time parents. I was beyond impressed! Thanks guys, for humoring me for a few hours and allowing me to capture these first special days of your first child's life. I'm so honored!
Congratulations again. She is beautiful. She is perfect. She is your daughter.

*big big hugs* from my family to yours.


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TV Family Session - AT&T Park, San Francisco This Family. I feel like I've known them forever.
I first got the chance to photograph them when their youngest was only a bump in mama's belly! And then they invited me into their home to capture the first few days of their littlest's young life... 

And this past weekend I got to see how much both their beautiful boys have grown! How lucky am I right??

We chased each other around my favorite place in the world - AT&T Park! Oh how I remember what this place was like exactly one year ago! *sigh* 

Nevertheless, it is always a treat for me to be here at the home of my San Francisco Giants. Be it for a regular season game, the World Series or just photographing some of my favorite clients!

Thanks guys for the fun morning we had! I have so loved watching your little family grow this past year! I hope to see you all just as much in 2014!
 Happy Holidays!!

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LL Family Session - Pleasanton, California I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family one evening in some warm Indian Summer light.

You wouldn't know it by these images, but we actually ran into several hiccups with our location before settling on this gorgeous area we stumbled upon...
You know how sometimes things just work out for a reason? Well this was definitely one of those moments.
These kids were a couple of the easiest, most laid back little guys I've ever met.
Thank you LL Family, for a fun few hours frolicking in the dry grass we finally found! ;)

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SS Family - Ghiradelli Square Park, San Francisco I spent a fun few hours with some old friends of mine recently. If they look familiar to you that's because I've had the pleasure of photographing them since their littlest was still being pushed around in a stroller!

And check out the big boy he's grown into! I barely recognized him from our last session almost a year ago at San Francisco's City Hall...
He gave me a workout back then and he certainly did so again this time! Him and his beautiful older sister ;)
It was fun to catch up with them and chat about how all our kids continue to grow at lightning speed. 

We capped off our fun evening with some sweet treats at pretty Ghiradelli Square. Yes it was one of those warm SF days we get this time of year where you just HAVE to indulge in some ice-cream if you're already outdoors enjoying the gorgeous weather! <3

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SL Family Session - Albany, California Oh how I love love love sessions with repeat clients! Seriously, they have become my new favorite type of shoot. There is something extra special about that feeling of familiarity I get when I walk into a session with a family I've photographed not too long ago when they were at a different milestone in their lives... <3

This sweet family was one of my earlier clients, so they definitely hold a special spot in my heart!
The last time I met them, their littlest you see here was just a bump in her mama's belly. I photographed them at the pretty Botanical Gardens in San Francisco just a few short weeks before she made her appearance! And look what a difference 9 months has made in their beautiful little family! <3
Their oldest even kinda, somewhat remembered me... Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part ;)

I was beyond thrilled when they contacted me again to capture their annual family photos...
I certainly hope they make these meetings with me a regular thing! ;)

Thanks guys, for the fun few hours in your beautiful home. It was *almost* as warm and gorgeous as your lovely family! ;)


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BH Family Session - Crissy Field, San Francisco I just adore this time of the year. San Francisco has some of its warmest days. And as a photographer, that translates to fun sessions at the most picturesque parts of the city!
I met up with the sweetest little girl and her daddy this warm SF evening... And boy did we have some fun at Crissy Field for those brief couple of hours!

I had a blast chasing daddy and his girl around in the warm sun...

It was the perfect way to end my sunny SF weekend - with these 2 happy kids!<3

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AK Newborn Family Session - Mill Valley, California Oh the soft, sweetness of a brand new baby... 
Definitely one of the many perks of my job is that I get to be around that newborn magic for a brief few hours every so often...

And sometimes if I'm lucky, I get to experience that 2 and 4 year old magic at the same time as well!

Newborn babies... And their precocious older siblings! Hanging out with them is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a stolen few hours...

This little family of 5 had my heart the moment I walked in the their front door.
Congratulations AK Family! On your newest addition as well as the beautiful ones you were adding to! ;) 

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Sunnyside Mini Session - Baker Beach, San Francisco I've officially put a mini-session under my belt. Phew! And I did it on the hottest day of the year so far. Yeah, when we get our heatwave in San Francisco (think ridiculous 85 degree weather!), everyone and their brother is out enjoying it. I sure know how to pick a mini-session date right? 

As challenging as it was to find parking and each other amongst the throngs of people at Baker Beach that day, it was definitely one of the nicest days to be frolicking barefoot and chasing the waves along the shores of a San Francisco beach... 


I had the pleasure of photographing 4 wonderful families that warm afternoon. So many little personalities to capture, all in a span of 2+ hours... <3

They sure kept me on my toes whilst chasing them through the surf and wet sand...
It was the perfect day for a session like this at the beach!
I'm going to put more of these mini-sessions on my calendar for the next holiday season!

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Beach Session With The CH Family - Alameda, Oakland I know I'm supposed to be on a break from my photography business this summer... However, I found a way to make time for a few existing clients!

This gorgeous family was one of my first sessions I did early this year. Back when their youngest was just 5 days old! What a special treat it was for me to get to see them again last weekend. This time we took our fun outdoors at their neighborhood beach!
I was beyond excited to shoot at a WARM beach close to sunset. You know, where everyone is able to frolic around barefoot in short-sleeves and dresses!

We had a glorious couple of hours playing in the sand and surf.
And I learned that their beautiful daughter has launched a successful modeling career since I last saw her! Not surprising at all really... I mean, wouldn't you buy anything she was selling? :)
This was another one of those sessions where time flew and I never felt for one minute that I was "working"... *sigh*

I had a blast guys! I'm so happy that I won't have to wait too long to see you all again! ;) Yay!

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C 1st Birthday Dol - Oakland, California A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing this cute kid and his equally cute parents... 
Well he turned ONE recently, and I got invited to capture his traditional 1st Birthday Dol! 

Mom and dad went all out with the celebrations. I was super impressed with everything mom put together for this special occasion! 
It was such a treat to be a part of this fabulous party with all his friends and family!
Thanks guys for including me in this big milestone of his young life!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby C!

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L Family Session - Ferry Building And Embarcadero Area, San Francisco If you didn't already know, I'm supposed to be on a break from my photography business for the summer... Except for a few special families that are either existing clients, or directly related to them! ;)

I took a break from my summer activities to meet up with this lovely family one evening...
Yeah I definitely didn't mind taking a break from my break to shoot this super cute family. Especially when I found out that they were only in town from Southern California for a brief few days and wanted to do a shoot with me. How could I say no right?? 

San Francisco's foggy July and August can be brutal for photo sessions, but they picked the sunniest spot in the city for ours. The Embarcadero always manages to deliver the only bits of sunshine to us in the deepest parts of our foggy summer!

Thank goodness I had somewhere "summery" to show our SoCal visitors! 
I've had a nice relaxing pace this summer focusing on my husband and kids, but it sure was fun to take a break from my own family to shoot theirs! <3

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 10 Aug 2013 05:21:02 GMT
Family Session - San Jose History Park I travelled to warm sunny weather for this fun family session. Well, I use the word "travel" lightly as you really don't have to go much more than 15 minutes outside of San Francisco to get a real summer in July! ;) 

I met up with this cute family at the quaint San Jose History Park. So many lovely backdrops for our shoot! Mom is famed blogger Grace Hwang-Lynch of I met her a couple of years ago at the San Francisco ClickinWalk and have kept in touch with as well as followed her witty blog about her family and life as, well, a hapamama! It was fun to hang out and catch up again and also to meet her beautiful family!

Our session fell on one of the hottest days of the year. Yeah it was at least 85 degrees. We were melting. Well maybe just me...:)
And I for one was very disappointed that the cute little ice-cream parlor was closed!
But we made do exploring the cute buildings and grounds of San Jose History Park.
And even found refuge from the heatwave inside one of the old buildings!

We had a good time despite the heat. Her boys were total troopers throughout it all.
It was great to see you Grace! Hopefully we can hang out again at the ClickinMoms Walk later this year! 

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 09 Jul 2013 20:24:11 GMT
RB Family Session - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco I got to hang out with this very special family one damp and foggy evening at San Francisco's beautiful Palace of Fine Arts last week... 

I hold this particular family session close to my heart for a couple of reasons... One of them being that their beautiful daughter and my son are very close classmates! Mom and I see each other quite a bit for all our volunteer and school activities we are apart of.
It was quite a treat for me to spend a couple of hours with them this dreary SF evening. Wet as it was, we made the most of it and had a great time walking the picturesque grounds at the Palace of Fine Arts.

The other reason this session was so special was because we were celebrating the grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary! 
Yes these two. 50 years and I could still feel the chemistry between them! <3
I really enjoyed being a part of these 3 generations lives for those brief couple of hours.

Thanks guys for thinking of me for this special occasion we documented that evening. I look forward to seeing *most* of you back at school in the fall!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 08 Jul 2013 08:24:05 GMT
LH Family - Oakland, California I spent a fun couple of hours with this cute family in their new home one dreary morning!

It was one of those cold, damp days where we were all happy to be indoors and playing! 
Of course we did brave the overcast skies a little towards the end to enjoy their beautiful backyard!
Thanks for the fun morning guys! I hope to see you guys soon!


]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 02 Jul 2013 17:30:01 GMT
C Family Session - San Francisco I had a bit of a busy weekend last weekend... But this particular session was kind of a luxury for me since it was only TEN minutes from where I live! That never happens! :) I got to hang out with this hip San Francisco family for a few hours one afternoon! Yay for me :)
These boys were close to my own kids' ages so I completely related to where mom and dad were at with raising them. I could even talk "shop" with their oldest about random bayblades and superheroes... That always makes my job a little easier ;)

They are everything I love about living in this city. Dad is in a band, kids have a pirate ship in their backyard, and mom pulls it all together while looking effortlessly beautiful!
As always, sessions like these go by too quickly for me.
The good news is, since we are kind of neighbors, and share a close mutual friend (hehe), I hope to see them again real soon!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 01 Jul 2013 06:53:26 GMT
Newborn Twins Session - Roseville, California I traveled a little further than usual for this session, but wow, was it worth it! I got to photograph my very first set of newborn twins!
These lovely little girls just melted my heart. They were oh so tiny and slept pretty much the entire time I was there!
They are mom and dad's firsts, so for those of you parents reading this, you know just how special these quiet, early days of new parenthood is...
I walked into a calm, quiet home. No stress in the air at all. Just a whole lot of focus and attention on these precious babies. It was quite apparent mom and dad were head over heels in love with their little girls.

I loved every minute of this session.
Being a part of fleeting, special moments like these, is a truly humbling experience for me. I always walk away feeling lucky to have been a part of it.
Congratulations guys. And thank you for allowing me to document this special time in your lives!

I hope to see you all again soon!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 29 Jun 2013 07:59:33 GMT
QT Family Session - San Rafael Last weekend I got to meet up with this cute family for a warm and sunny golden hour session in San Rafael, CA. 
As a San Francisco photographer, my golden hour sessions in the city are often overcast and shrouded in fog. Now I love the mystique and drama of fog and gloomy skies, but I've always wished I could shoot more in the warm setting sun. I was so excited to do this session with the QT Family! 
The beautiful location they chose for the session was even more special because it was where mom and dad tied the knot.
We took lots of shots in many of the same spots they told me they had their wedding pictures done. <3
I stayed until after the sun had set behind the hills. Yes, they left before I did. I just couldn't get enough of this beautiful light and location! :)

Thanks QT Family, for such a fun couple of hours. And for introducing me to this gorgeous place. I plan to come back for more sessions soon! :)

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 24 Jun 2013 06:10:44 GMT
G Family Session - Burlingame I got the chance the to hang out with yet another gorgeous family recently... 

Meet the ultra-chic G Parents and their handsome, high-energy boys!
Any other parents to multiple boys reading my blog? You can probably relate to these next few images... ;)

Honestly, high-energy kids translate into a whole lot of fun images I get to edit afterward.
 Clearly mom and dad are used to all this activity. 

It was yet another fun morning for me photographing a happy, loving family!
Thanks guys for inviting me into your home to hangout, duel with lighsabers and swords, jump on beds and crawl on floors with you. SO FUN!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Wed, 12 Jun 2013 00:04:16 GMT
T Family Session - Burlingame I'm so happy I got to photograph this particular family. Mom had contacted me awhile back but life, kids and all the crazy schedules that come along with them prevented us from meeting sooner. She and I worked hard to find a date that worked for everyone and we finally succeeded! Yay for me! Because otherwise I would have missed out on this ridiculous amount of cuteness I'm about to show you!
Yeah. That handsome fella is just the tip of the iceberg!
He has a couple of stunning older sisters too!

As expected, time flew by with this beautiful family...

I'm so happy I got the chance to photograph them. Before all our summers got crazy!
I look forward to seeing you all soon T Family!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 04 Jun 2013 08:09:51 GMT
V Family Newborn Session - Brisbane One of the most gratifying things I've come to discover about what I do is getting to watch the families I photograph grow. And nothing is more special than when they add a tiny little baby to their flock...
This cutie was not yet 2 weeks young and slept like an angel the entire time I was there. Raise your hand if you recognize this family from my fun session at San Francisco's Ferry Building and Embarcadero last month.
Yep this wee guy was that cute bump! ;)

It was such a pleasure to see them again and to meet their newest addition.
Congratulations V Family! I hope I get to see you all again soon! 

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 03 Jun 2013 17:07:15 GMT
JC Family Maternity Session At Home I visited the loveliest of families recently in their brand new home. Of course the show-stopper of our session was this irresistible little lady.
Oh my goodness is she cute or what? 
I could tell right off the bat that she gets her charm and winning personality from her parents! 

My time with them just flew by that day. 
Seriously, some sessions just go by in the blink of an eye for me. This was definitely one of them.
And you can probably see that this is likely their last set of photos while they are a family of just 3 right...? You'd have to look real hard to tell though given how fabulous mom looks!
Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! It is truly an honor to capture these images for you before you become 4!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 25 May 2013 06:26:18 GMT
L Newborn Family Session At Home So you know I've had the pleasure of photographing some of the cutest newborns lately right? Well this particular newborn was extra special for me because she is mom and dad's first! 
I had forgotten how different the dynamics between parent and child are when the baby is their first until this session. 
The home is a little calmer than it would be had there been older siblings running around... Everything is completely about the baby I'm there to photograph and her connection with mom and dad... <3

It definitely made me nostalgic for those early days of motherhood.

I had such a fun few hours with this young family of 3 that afternoon.

Congratulations L Family!! She is just gorgeous, and is only the beginning of your beautiful story... 

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 21 May 2013 08:42:26 GMT
E Family Session at The Presidio, San Francisco I spent a warm and unusually muggy evening at San Francisco's Presidio one weekend evening with the cutest little babe and his beautiful parents...
Ok I know I haven't been around babies this age in a while, but seriously, this little guy has the most INFECTIOUS baby giggles ever! And he giggled over everything! Ahhh... ! I have gotta figure out a way to include soundbites with my images! Pretty sure mom and dad thought I might run off with their son as soon as they turned their backs the way I was just gushing over him!
If you'd have met him you'd understand.
At 8 months, this kid already has irresistible charisma and charm! I had such a fun evening running around the warm Presidio with them.
And I'm going to be hanging out with them again in the not so distant future! <3
Seriously can't wait!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 14 May 2013 07:57:45 GMT
E 7th Birthday Paint, Water And Cake Fight! I've had a couple of delightfully messy sessions recently! Nope it's not work when you get to be part of a cake fight!

I kicked off the year with a baking shoot with these 2 cute kids back in January. And got invited back recently to capture some memorable 7 year birthday shots for mom!

We started off with some painting...

Then moved on to a good old water battle...
Then decided we didn't get enough paint on the canvas, I mean ourselves... (what canvas?)
And for the finale, we had cake! 
Who says cake smash birthdays are only for 1 year olds?? Not this mama!

Although, I did figure out that 7 year olds smash cakes a little differently than toddlers...
Hehe... He cracks me up, this kid! :)

They both do actually.  Yep that was his cue to clean up!  And he totally OWNED the cleanup too! 
These two. We have become good friends, both our families. They make us laugh even when we're not smashing cakes or throwing paint!
Happy Happy 7th Birthday E! C and I can't wait to continue the birthday celebrations this weekend!! 


]]> (Adel Vardell) Fri, 10 May 2013 18:45:55 GMT
AH Family And 1st Birthday Cake Smash At Home I got to celebrate a super fun and messy 1st birthday cake-smash with this cutie recently...
Oh my goodness was it fun!! I'm pretty sure his mom, dad and big sis enjoyed all the cake-throwing a tad more than he did! 
I could barely stop laughing long enough to snap all these shots!
What a fun way to celebrate a first birthday, right?!
This session was the last of a long weekend of sessions for me... And I picked the absolute best way to cap off a busy weekend! <3


]]> (Adel Vardell) Fri, 10 May 2013 05:44:09 GMT
C Newborn Family Session at Home Teeny tiny newborn babies... I've been photographing them a lot lately. And I've come to fall in love with everything about these sessions - the families, the love that lives within the home, the precocious little children and most especially, the littlest bundle of joy that has just arrived.

I mean, look at this pretty little lady... Who wouldn't fall in love?!
And the lovely family she belongs to...

I ended up spending my longest session there with them. Yeah they had to kick me out! ;)

I had such a good time hanging out with them, I didn't even notice how the time had flown by...

Thank you C Family, for the chance to capture these moments when you're a new family of 5!
And also for being so understanding about the little "hiccup" we had toward the end of our session! ;)

Good luck with this newest lady in your lives! She's a beauty for sure!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 06 May 2013 23:39:45 GMT
V Family Session At The San Francisco Ferry Building Lately I've been doing a lot of session indoors. Which I just love. But it's a refreshing change to throw an outdoor session into the mix every now and then... Especially with a family as cute as this one!!
This little heartbreaker stole the show as expected!
It was a gorgeous and warm San Francisco evening that I got to run around the Embarcadero's Ferry Building with this hip little family of 3.
Yes lucky me indeed! :)
And as you can tell they will soon be 4... After meeting his parents and big brother, I just know that little baby is going to be the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

Congratulations V Family on your upcoming bundle of joy!!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 04 May 2013 09:02:47 GMT
L 3rd Birthday Celebration I've had quite the hectic weekend recently. One of the fun things I got to photograph was my good friend L's family!
His son turned 3 and I was invited to the shindig on a warm, sunny day in Marin. And yes part of the party was a tour at their local firehouse!

Happy happy 3rd birthday big boy! And soon to be, BIG BROTHER! 

]]> (Adel Vardell) Fri, 03 May 2013 19:55:44 GMT
Baby M Traditional Hindu Naming Ceremony I recently had the honor of photographing a very special event in this little girl's life. Her naming ceremony.
Yes I got to hang out with her and her big sister 2 weekends in a row! Yay!

The cultural significance of the entire ritual was so special. I felt lucky to have been there to capture all the intimate moments.

Thank you W Family for inviting me into your home again and allowing me to capture this intimate event.
And for feeding me that DELICIOUS spicy curry for lunch! That was awesome! :)

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 29 Apr 2013 20:22:12 GMT
W Newborn Family Session At Home My very first little newborn GIRL of the year I get to photograph! And is she just beautiful or what?
And guess what else? She's got this gorgeous big sister too! Whose got the biggest, most charming personality for a 2 year old I've ever met!

These two stunning little girls are going to give daddy more than a few sleepless nights one day I'm sure... 
But really, how do you resist these little faces? I was smitten from the moment I walked into their warm, love-filled home.

And the woman behind it all?

This lady.

Just a couple of weeks post-partum and looking effortlessly beautiful and completely relaxed with 2 kids under 3! 
It was clear to me right away how much of mom's love was evident in the tiniest decorating details of their lovely home and the easy, affectionate  interactions with dad and kids.

It was such an honor to take a peek into their lives that afternoon. I hope I am doing their love justice in the photos I took while I was there.
Congratulations W Family. On your newest addition of course. But more than anything, on the beautiful life you have built. <3

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 20 Apr 2013 08:32:39 GMT
Ha Newborn Family Session At Home I've been really blessed lately to have had the chance to shoot some beautiful families and their newborns. This gorgeous little man and his family are the latest of my "victims" ;)
Honestly, when I get to shoot families like theirs, it's more play then work for me.
There was just so much love to capture here.

I had so many shots I just loved from this session that it was hard to select my favorites for the blog...

Mom and dad were amazingly accommodating with all my requests for poses and rearranging of their furniture. Bless their hearts. And mind you, like all parents with a newborn, they were working on minimal sleep. I'm convinced though they always look this good. (Yes this is mom just days post-partum!)
They certainly made my job easy that day.

Thank you so much H Family, for such a fun few hours. I feel completely humbled to have been able to photograph your gorgeous family.
Congratulations on your beautiful addition to your growing family!

I hope this handsome little man is giving you guys an easy time these early weeks of his life ;)

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 18 Mar 2013 07:50:21 GMT
H Newborn Family Session At Home I've been hanging out with a lot of cool kids and teeny babies lately... I had such a blast with these 2 in particular!
Hanging out with this family did not feel like work at all. There were treats, games and lots jumping, climbing and tumbling!

They were so excited to show me everything around their home. But most of all, their new baby brother!
The time just flew by and I ended squeaking a game of hide and seek with them at the end too. I mean, how do you resist faces like these right? 
And let's not forget mom. She is 5 days post-partum here. Umm, yeah. Need I say more? ;) I'm pretty sure I didn't brush my teeth let alone take a shower until my kids were 1 week old!

It was such a pleasure to hang out with this gorgeous family for a few hours on a dreary morning. Definitely one of the most fun things I did that weekend!
Congratulations guys on your beautiful growing family!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sat, 23 Feb 2013 20:40:16 GMT
A Newborn Family Session At Home Raise your hand if you remember this precocious little girl from some of my very first shoots.

The A Family and I go way back. I have a soft spot in my heart for this special family since they were one of the very first families I photographed that was not my own! Back then, they were just 3.
And look at the cutie pie they've added to their little family since I last saw them!

Oh my goodness he was just gobble-me-up adorable with all his many expressions! He stayed awake pretty much the entire time I was there.

I can't begin to describe what a thrill it is for me to get to photograph this family's many milestones in the short time I've known them.

And watch this amazing little girl grow from only-child to protective big-sister.
Congratulations guys. You've made quite the gorgeous little family here. I'm honored to have been able to capture some of the big moments in your story...

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 19 Feb 2013 08:31:44 GMT
Baking! To kick of the new year I got to hang out with these two beautiful kids and bake some mean banana nut bread!

This little guy is a pro in the kitchen for sure!
They picked the perfect dreary SF morning to stay indoors and cook up some sweets.

Best part of this little session? I got to take home so of their delicious concoctions!! 
Happy New Year everyone!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Sun, 06 Jan 2013 08:27:30 GMT
K Family At Home I know. I said the last post was my last family session of the year. But when a special friend contacted me to let me know her newest baby had just arrived, how could I pass up the opportunity to capture this momentous occasion?

First off, let me share this - Mom just had her latest bundle of joy less than a week ago (this is her 3rd). Not only does she look fabulous, but there was no tension or stress to be felt in their home when I walked in. You know, the kind that usually comes along with a newborn? Yeah, none of that. Just two really well-behaved kids and one super laid-back dad at the door to greet me. Wow. I was impressed right from the start.
The kids were friendly, curious and adorably precocious. And absolutely proud of their newest baby brother.

And the littlest member of the family? Well he made my job super easy. He slept pretty much the entire time :)
I had a wonderful few hours with this family. It was definitely one of those times where I felt blessed to be a part of special moments like these.
Thank you K Family! I'm glad your youngest made it in time for me to photograph you all before I called it a year! :)

Happy Holidays!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 10 Dec 2012 06:10:51 GMT
P Family At The Music Concourse I wrapped up the last of my family sessions for 2012 with a fun evening at the Music Concourse between The Academy of Sciences and The Legion of Honor. If you follow my personal blog, I had done a quick shoot with my Jack-Jack there for my P52 "Leaves" theme! The little girl in this family was interested in much more than just leaves!
Her parents and I chased her around the concourse and then some. This kid has personality to boot! I was particularly impressed with her bargaining skills! :)
Mom is Blogger, Yuliya of She Suggests. A witty blog about her life and raising that precocious little girl I met! She is also an amateur photographer and was completely comfortable and relaxed during our session which helped me immensely. Thank you Yuliya!
I had a grand old time with them all that day. Most especially the 3 foot tall one! ;)
What a perfect end to my 2012 family sessions. Thank you P Family!! 


]]> (Adel Vardell) Thu, 29 Nov 2012 23:29:05 GMT
W Family At The Botanical Gardens San Francisco's Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park is lovely whether in summer or winter. And I've gotten the chance to shoot at both times of the year here. The W Family chose this venue for their family photos. They also had their wedding photos done here so it was fitting they came back to update their photo albums with their newest additions!
An almost 3 year old and newborn twins!

Mom has my utmost respect for getting everyone together for family photos during this crazy time with little ones as young as them. And wow, they were such a joy to photograph.
And as always there is always one that steals the show... <3 Their oldest with her shy smile and cutest pigtails had me at hello!
We had so much fun we pretty much shut down the Botanical Gardens.
Yeah we barely made it out before lockdown :)
Thank you W Family for this wonderful opportunity to shoot your family!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Wed, 28 Nov 2012 01:54:25 GMT
L Family At The Conservatory Of Flowers Meet the L Family. I got the chance to shoot them over the weekend at SF's Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. And boy did we have some fun!

We've had a bit of rain recently. That means gloomy skies, wet ground and puddles! Just what every almost-3-year-old loves! Big props to mom for incorporating her rain boots into their session. I'm pretty sure I had as much fun photographing her as she did jumping in the puddles!
Our session started with overcast skies and the threat of rain. But fortunately the sun came out and we were warm and dry the entire time. Except for the puddle-jumping of course.
They were one of my favorite families to shoot for sure. All giggles, hugs and tons of kisses. 
They are about to add to their growing family in a few weeks and they're as relaxed as can be about it. Congratulations L Family, and thank you for letting me capture some of these last special moments when you're just a family of 3 still. 


]]> (Adel Vardell) Wed, 21 Nov 2012 18:19:35 GMT
S Family At San Francisco City Hall A few days ago, I got the chance to photograph the S Family at San Francisco City Hall! My first time shooting there! Well it didn't disappoint!

The S family and I are old friends. And I had done a session with them over the summer. I was amazed at how much their kids have grown in the short span of time since I'd seen them. They have become quite the precocious and active little kids!
San Francisco City Hall is just gorgeous a venue. And I was so in love with my light there!

There was lots of wide open spaces with minimal crowds so the kids definitely gave me a run for my money. Literally ;)
I had such a blast running around all over City Hall with them. Love this family lots!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Fri, 09 Nov 2012 01:30:06 GMT
A First Birthday Celebration! First Birthdays are special. Especially when it is a first for baby as well as mom and dad! I was honored to be asked to capture some of the special moments at this beautiful boy's 1st birthday celebration!

I swear this kid has the hippest parents I know. 
And checkout some of the equipment that was there to document this momentous occasion! That smash cake ain't too bad either! 
Those eyes. That smile. He's gonna break many hearts one day soon!
Happy Happy First Birthday little guy!! 

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 06 Nov 2012 22:56:56 GMT
Family Session at Mills Canyon, Burlingame A year ago I met a fellow ClickinMom online, Celeste Wyrick and we made plans to swap photo sessions for our family holiday photos. When I saw her family last time for our session her baby girl was barely 6 months old. And they were only the 2nd family I had photographed besides mine! Well a year later here we are. Look how much her kids have grown! 
And with a little more experience behind the camera and some upgraded glass this time around, I was definitely more comfortable during our session too! ;)
We did her session outside San Francisco city limits down in pretty Burlingame California. Mills Canyon was a fun backdrop for me since it is so different than my usual city locations.
It was such a pleasure for me to shoot this family a second time around and see how much they've all grown!


Celeste Wyrick is a professional portrait, fine art and commercial photographer. Please visit her website to check out some of her beautiful work.

]]> (Adel Vardell) Mon, 05 Nov 2012 22:06:36 GMT
M Family At Baker Beach Over the weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely M family. 

The San Francisco Giants were playing game 6 of the NLCS when we began our shoot. I thought I'd be distracted for sure, but seriously, how could I be with this beautiful family? 
We had amazing weather at Baker Beach that evening. 

And check out these adorable kids! It warmed my heart to no end to watch them frolic and play in the sun, sand and surf.
Yes it was one of those gorgeous evenings at an SF beach where even the Golden Gate Bridge refused to be hidden in fog. I just loved everything about this session and this lovely family I had the honor of photographing. <3

]]> (Adel Vardell) Wed, 24 Oct 2012 04:27:31 GMT
Draper Wedding At Hans Fahden Vineyards Recently I was invited to photograph the wedding of a friend at the Hans Fahden Vineyards.

As a guest :) I of course jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn't want the chance to capture that special day when two people and their families commit to spend the rest of their lives together. I was happy to be apart of the Draper Family's wonderful day. Since they already had an official photographer there, I was careful to not step on his toes or get in his way. Instead, I wandered around, enjoyed the lovely settings and delicious food, while chatting with some of the guests and snapped away :)

I'll share some of my favorites here...

Thank you Cindy and Jarel for this incredibly special chance to capture these intimate moments of your wedding day. Congratulations and wishing you a wonderful life filled with love and laughter.

]]> (Adel Vardell) Tue, 21 Aug 2012 00:39:18 GMT
Z 2nd Birthday Party I have been spending quite a bit of time with this little girl and her family in April! :)

She turned 2 recently and I had the honor of capturing all the wonderful details that come with celebrating such a special age.

It was one of those beautifully warm days in the Bay Area. I feel really lucky to have been able to hang out with this wonderful family again! Congratulations Allison and Dave for putting together a fun party and most importantly, surviving the first 2 years!

Happy Birthday Z!

]]> (Adel Vardell) Wed, 02 May 2012 22:56:56 GMT