Adel Vardell: Blog en-us (C) Adel Vardell (Adel Vardell) Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:00:00 GMT Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:00:00 GMT Adel Vardell: Blog 80 120 EK New Baby Session - San Francisco Bay Area It's been awhile since I've posted session previews. I've had more work than I could keep up with for awhile and then took some time off. I'm happy to be back and sharing previews here... Loved shooting this beautiful family recently. 

I hope I get to see this gorgeous family again soon! 

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MC Family -San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer I'm hoping to be doing more sessions out in the East Bay due to a move our family has made. This sweet family was my first session in my new 'hood. I couldn't have hoped for a better session than this to kick off our east bay living. With as many smiles and giggles I got from this little one, I was completely spoiled by the end of our session. I mean, this is just how all my sessions are going to go from now on right? ;)

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MH Family Session - San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer Check out this awesome family I got to hang out with recently. I love sessions with grandparents in them too! They were a blast to shoot. And their furry family member was just the BEST! He was was obviously a well-trained babysitter to their youngest! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - TV Family, San Francisco, CA Over the past year or so, I've had the pleasure of photographing this family several times. It's been such fun to watch them grow and change in the short time I've known them. I love that they picked the beautiful City Hall in San Francisco for their latest session... <3

Can't wait to see you guys for your holiday photos this fall!! :)

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San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Lifestyle Photographer - D Family, San Francisco, California It's such a treat for me whenever I get asked to do a maternity session for a family's very first child. My first love about the sessions I take on is always about the ton of fun I have with the kids in the families who book me. But I have to say, I'm loving these maternity sessions where it's just mom and dad (to-be) and me. Capturing this fleeting moment during the last few weeks before their little one arrives and their lives change forever, is pretty special indeed. My session with this gorgeous couple is no exception. I loved that we ended up with a warm evening after the blustery day we had. Sometimes the San Francisco weather just works out perfectly for everyone... :)
Congratulations on your upcoming miracle... Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments before you become a family of 3! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - K Twins, Pleasanton, California I don't get to hang out with families with twins too often, so when I do it is SUCH a special treat! This session in particular was extra special because of this family's story and how early these sweet babies arrived into their parent's world. I loved hanging out with mom and dad as they shared with me how much their world had changed since finding out they were expecting these gorgeous little girls. And even though they arrived even earlier than expected for twins, they are healthy, thriving and home with their mom and dad... <3

Congratulations guys! These little ladies are beyond beautiful and are clearly growing up healthy and strong at incredible speed now... <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - LM Family in Oakland, California Toward the end of our last heat wave here in the Bay Area, I squeezed in a fun couple of hours with this gorgeous family in the East Bay sunshine. Mom and I had been communicating for awhile trying to figure out the best time for this session given the age of her sweet baby girl. We finally decided to wait until the little miss was old enough to sit on her own. I'm so glad we did. I love so many of these shots of her sitting up and smiling at her family! Oh and she's got the cutest big brother too! <3

I had the most fun evening with you guys! Especially our little "feed the mouse" game at the end! ;) I was still giggling on the drive home!! :D I hope I see you all sooner than later. xo

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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - HJ Family, Los Angeles. Not too long ago I got the chance to fly down to Los Angeles to photograph this cool, chic family at the gorgeous Getty Museum! I have always wanted to shoot at the Getty so I was beyond psyched for this session. And it was everything I hoped it would be and more! Their little one was in the best of moods the entire session, mom and dad were about as laid back and easy-going as it gets, and the warm Southern California weather made the fun few hours I spent with them even more magical! 
This was one of my most fun sessions ever! Thank you for the chance to do this with you guys. What a blast it was!! Hope to see you guys up in San Francisco for the next one! ;)


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San Francisco Bay Area Family Lifestyle Photographer - CK Family I spent a lovely sunny evening with this awesome family recently. Even though it was one of the windiest day in the city, this threesome braved the strong gusts of wind and chilly temps to frolic around picturesque Crissy Field with me! And the darling of the session was of course this precocious little lady... Gosh she was so cute I wanted to just eat her up!! :P

Thanks for being such great sports about the chilly wind! You guys were such troopers!! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - PC Family There's something special about sessions with first time parents. I met up with this cute couple just a few weeks before their firstborn arrived for a maternity session and we had a great time exploring a pretty park near their home. It was such a treat for me to get to come back and meet this adorable little guy after he arrived into the world! 

Congratulations guys. He is beyond precious! They change your world completely these little ones... <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer - O Family As a family photographer, I'm really starting to enjoy these special stories of my clients' lives that I get to be a part of. Not too long ago I got to hang out and capture these beautiful folks in their last few weeks of a family of just 3. I'm always honored when I get invited back to meet their newest addition. This handsome little guy was as captivating as his older sister even in his first few days of his young life. I had a blast meeting him and catching up with his older sister in their home recently.

Congratulations guys! I'm already looking forward to the next time we hang out. I'm sure I'll barely recognize the little guy then!! 
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San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | EM Family I was under the weather and had to postpone hanging out with this sweetest of families recently. Thank goodness I only had to wait just a few days longer to meet them. Their oldest and I sang many "Frozen" movie songs that morning. I think she was impressed I knew the words to all the songs... ;) Little did she know I had my own 3yo keeping me hip when it comes to the under-5 set... ;)
I was there to document her baby sister's first photos. The love they all had for their newest family member just warmed my heart...

Congratulations guys on your beautiful family! And thank you for my super fun few hours hanging out in your home! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer | RK Family Recently I got to spend a wonderful few hours with these two good looking young men. They shared with me stories of their wedding, life here in the bay area and plans for the future... I just adore sessions like these when it feels like I'm hanging out with old friends than just working. <3

I wish you both the very best with the amazing plans you have for your future! <3

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San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Lifestyle Photographer | PC Family The sweet anticipation of your very first child is one to be cherished indeed. I got the chance to hang out with these two cool soon-to-be parents in their final weeks as a family of 2 recently. Mom was glowing, dad loving and protective. I can't wait to see them again soon when their little one arrives... <3

See you guys real soon!! 

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LA Newborn Session - Berkeley, California Wanna see how I put sunshine into a wet and dreary day? Check out this new family of 3 I got to hang out with one rainy morning. It was the perfect way to spend the day indoors. Capturing all the magical moments of those first few days as new parents... <3

Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. Even the 3am ones... ;)

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DD Family Session - South San Francisco, California Don't be surprised if you do a double take on these adorable twins I'm about to show you. Yes they are that cute. But they've also graced my blog not too long ago. They captured my heart with their incredibly precocious personalities back in December and I'm even more smitten after hanging out with them recently! Get ready for some cuteness overload here... :)

I had such a fun morning with this beautiful family! I hope they grace my blog even more in the coming year! <3

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O Family Session - Danville, California Ok I'm getting bad about blogging my sessions... Being pressed for time makes delivery of the images to clients more important than getting them on my website sometimes! :P But this time I did find some time to blog about this lovely little family's session I did recently. As you can see they are almost a family of 4! We had a fun couple of hours in warm east bay sunshine recently. I am psyched I will get to meet their littlest when he arrives next month!! Yay for me! :)

Congratulations O Family! I'm excited to meet the little one soon!! <3

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N Family Session - San Francisco, California I've been so lucky to have had mostly warm sunshine during all my sessions this fall/winter. If you live in San Francisco, then you know we've been going through quite the drought this year. Well our usual damp, foggy winter made its appearance recently. I love golden sunshine as much as any other photographer... But I have a secret fondness for the mystery fog brings into images. This session was during some pretty dense fog and I loved every misty moment. As did the family I photographed! We had such a fun time revisiting the place they got engaged as they told me the beautiful story of his romantic proposal written in the sand... I loved that they chose to come back here to for their session as a family of three! <3

I wish you all the best as N Family, as you move on to the next chapter of your lives. Please keep in touch!! <3

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SP Family Session - San Francisco, California Well I've had a nice little break the past couple of weeks. I feel rested (mostly!) and re-energized to take on 2014 with gusto! I kicked off my sessions this year with this beautiful family recently. I had a blast running around The Concourse at Golden Gate Park with them. They even introduced me to the backyard of the DeYoung that I NEVER KNEW existed. Yes I should be embarrassed I didn't know about it given the many times I've been there! :P Well I'm happy to know about it now! ;) It was such a fun, warm winter afternoon. I was sorry when we had to part ways as the sun set on our session... <3

I couldn't have hoped for a more fun family on a more gorgeous day to start my year than this one! 

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Baby A Turns 1! My amazingly, wonderfully, crazy year began with this little guy. One year ago (give or take) I got to capture his very first pictures a few days after he made his appearance into this world. What a difference a year has made. I count my blessings every day for all that 2013 has brought me. And so much of the success of my business in the past year was by the hand of this adorable little guy's mama. Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough. But I'll start there.

P, thank you for everything. From the bottom my heart.

Now check out this cutie. And he's got 2 equally adorable older siblings too!

I wrapped up my 2013 sessions with these cuties. And it was the absolute best way to end my year! <3 Happy New Year everyone!!

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